Project Meeting

The project members will be holding an internal meeting 22–24 of June, to discuss work in progress and plan further work, including the November workshop.

Provisional Programme:

Sunday 22 June 2014:

Informal get-together

Monday 23 June 2014:

9.30-11:             Project members report on their current work. Organization of November workshop.
11.15-12.15:        Moritz Schulz: “Classifying Conditionals”
12.30-13.30:        David Rey: “How Many Temporal Indices Does a Priorean Need?”

13.30-15.00:    lunch

15-16:             Dan Zeman: “Present Tense and Disagreement”
16.15-17.15:        Stephan Torre leads discussion on Dilip Ninan’s “What is the Problem of the Essential Indexical?”

17.15-17.45:    Coffee break

17.45-18.45:        Isidora Stojanovic: paper
19-20:            Max Kölbel: “Relativism about Semantic Content”

20.30: Dinner

Tuesday 24 June 2014:

Informal get-together



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